First Course with Honey

Several recipes in which honey is included into the first course, gives to it a special flavor and aroma and thanks to which the meal takes a higher nutritional quality.

Main courses with Honey

Preparation of dishes of main course with honey is a rare phenomenon, but in vain, because the dishes acquire a unique aroma and taste.

Salads and Appetizers with Honey

Honey has been used in cooking in many countries from of old which traditions include the cooking of sweetened dishes, snacks and sauces. But at the same time, the use of honey for cooking of appetizers and salads is not very common.

Desserts and Baking with Honey

From an ancient times honey was used for the cooking of confectionery and baking. Dishes of fruits with honey such as:puree, compotes, jams, marmalades are full of mineral elements and easy digest vitamins.

Drinks with Honey

Milk with honey are given to children as a particularly nutritious food. Other beverages based on honey with fruit, chocolate, nuts as well as various combinations with honey and fruit are also widely distributed.