Honey with apple, 320 grams


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Honey with apple is a very healthy and nutritious mixture, a combination of these two products will help you to accumulate a large amount of carbohydrates before a mental or physical load.

Honey with apples contains healthy vitamins and minerals for your body. The advantage of regular consumption of this product is incredible. In addition to health, consumption of honey with apples makes a beneficial effect on the appearance, preventing wrinkles and promoting hair growth.

An apple is the most common fruit in our nutrition eaten all over the year beginning from the mid-summer until the spring. Nutritionists affirm that in order to maintain health we have to consume 48 kg of apples per year. Apples contain almost all the necessary minerals for our body (potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, sodium, iron), vitamins (C, E, carotene, B1, B2, B6, PP, folic acid), and moreover, all this – in an easily digestible form. It is proved that two apples a day reduce cholesterol by 16 percent. Pectin contained in them removes arsenic and lead that we get out of the water, air and certain foods. It also effectively cleans the body of toxins.

Honey with apples is not recommended to use by diabetics of any type.

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Honey, apple

  1. Vovik

    Вкусный дессертик! Отлично заменил обычный мед. Нежный и в тоже время насыщенный яркий вкус. Понравился как альтернатива обычно меду супер.

  2. Maks

    Мед с сухофруктами нам подарили на новоселье друзья. Весьма необычный и, при этом, очень полезный подарок. Интересная упаковка в деревенском стиле, но при этом не менее интересное и вкусное содержимое. Похоже на сироп из сухофруктов, но с пряным медовым вкусом. Очень приятно пить чай с таким медом )