Мед ссемечкой тыквы

Med with Pumpkin Seeds, 320 GRAMS


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Med with Pumpkin Seeds

The chemical composition of honey with Pumpkin Seeds makes it especially useful for the health of the reproductive system.

The following essential compound useful for men’s health are in the composition of Pumpkin Seeds:
Arginine – the high content of this component is a tumor prevention of prostate cancer, infertility. It provides the growth of muscle mass and muscle strength. Sports nutrition must include pumpkin seeds in the ration which provides a breakdown of fats, reducing the percentage of body fat and restoring normal hormonal male pattern.
Polyunsaturated alpha-linolenic acid which is part of the pumpkin seeds suppresses the deposition of subcutaneous fat, purifies the blood vessels, increases the metabolic rate and stimulates brain function, increases the speed of the motor and mental reactions.
Vitamin K is necessary for the binding of calcium, bone formation, prevention of osteoporosis.

Zinc provides a testosterone affects the quality of sperm, has a positive effect on potency.
Phosphorus is needed for the synthesis of male sex hormones, improves the quality of sperm.

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Honey, pumpkin seeds

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