Honey with Sunflower Seeds, 320 grams


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Honey with Sunflower Seeds

Honey with sunflower seeds is a product that is famous with its healing properties.

The chemical composition of sunflower seeds is quite nutritious containing many essential vitamins and minerals needed to human body. There are a lot of vitamins such as A, B, C, D and E.

Honey with Sunflower Seeds is wonderful product maintaining immunity in the winter

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Honey, Sunflower Seeds

  1. Vovik

    Мед с семечками подсолнуха способен удовлетворить суточною нужду человеческого организма в витаминах и минералах, а также усилить вкус пищи, подарить вам хорошее настроение. Мне покрайне мере помогло )))