Мед с лимоном
Мед с лимоном

Honey with lemon, 320 grams


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Honey with lemon is a unique healthy, delicious and medicinal product. The unique properties of this product are simply undeniable.

Lemon is rich with vitamin C. This is probably the first and the most accessible remedy for colds. In addition, in the event of cold in order to get a quickly recovery the body requires a lot of vitamin C, and lemon is the source of this vitamin.

Using of Honey with lemon strengthens our immune system, so your body will be ready to viruses and bacteria.

Good immunity allows viruses to bypass you a side. In addition Honey with lemon cleanses the lungs, throat and is useful in case of cough. Honey is out of competition, and a natural remedy for many ailments whose composition is equivalent to plasma and very absorbed by our body at 100%. In the event of vitamin deficiency, reduced immunity, after undergoing of disease it is allowed to eat Honey with lemon. Due to the vitamins and active substances Honey with lemon improves metabolic processes in the body. Lemon is rich with vitamin B1, B2, A, R. Honey and lemon are wonderful antiseptics, simply indispensable for the prevention of viral and colds.

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Honey, lemon

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