Honey with walnuts, 320 grams


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Honey with walnuts

Natural honey with walnuts is an extremely healthy and nutritious product that is indispensable during long posts, vegetarian diet, during the grueling physical exertion (climbing, adventure tourism).

Honey with walnuts activates metabolic processes being a tonic and good restorer after physical and mental stress.

Doctors recommend eating of walnuts in combination with honey in the recovery period after serious illnesses.
Diet specialists say that a walnut is exceptionally valuable food product, which contains a lot of nutrients. Walnuts contain (in%): 77.0 45,5- fat, nitrogenous substances 8,7- 18.9, 3,3-5,7 water, nitrogen-free substances 7,9-19,4, fiber 2, 5-7,6, ash content 1,4-2,3. Nuts are also full of vitamins, especially vitamin C, less – vitamins A and group B.  Fat of nuts is rich with unsaturated fatty acids such as linoleic, linolenic and oleic that is especially useful for human body.

According to the content of protein substances walnuts are close to meat, fish and some of dairy products. There are a lot of essential amino acids, minerals such as potassium, calcium, phosphorus and iron as well as microelements, which are a part of various enzymes that affect metabolic processes and involved in hematopoiesis. According to the content of iodine and zinc nuts surpass many other herbal products.

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Honey, walnuts

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