Buckwheat honey, 350 grams


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Buckwheat honey

Buckwheat honey is one of the most common and contains over than 75% of glucose and fructose  more than in the light types of honey, proteins and minerals, especially iron.
Buckwheat honey is the darkest color- dark brown, sometimes with a violet hue. It is considered as a high-grade despite the fact that the vast number of high-grade honey is light coloured ones.

Buckwheat honey has a sharp and spicy aroma and flavor reminding of dried flowers as well as soft and creamy and at the same time very rich taste, from which even tickle in the throat. As usual, buckwheat honey crystallizes relatively fast. Buckwheat honey is converted into pasty mass, honey crystals from fine-grained to coarse-grained form during the crystallization.
A collecting of buckwheat honey is depends from climatic conditions. Buckwheat blossom begins in late June and ends  in mid-August depending on the sowing date.
Buckwheat honey contains a lot of iron and protein, thus offers a truly miraculous properties: refreshes the blood, purifies the bloodstream, promotes regeneration of damaged tissues, increases the level of hemoglobin. It is recommended mainly for anemia, anemia as well as to pregnant women and people suffering from chronic gastritis with high acidity of gastric juice. Buckwheat honey has a mixture that is full of mineral and vitamin ingridients allowing the use of honey for the treatment of beriberi, hypertension, hemorrhages in the brain and retina of the eye, in radiation sickness.
Buckwheat honey is a great antiseptic for local use that effectively treats trophic ulcers, festering wounds, abrasions and other skin diseases.

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Buckwheat honey

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    Мед натуральный гречишный очень полезный и лечебный. Лично я люблю его. Он долго не сахарится как другие разновидности меда. По лечебным качествам не уступает ни майскому меду, ни с акции, ни с разнотравия…