About us

EKO-MedOK – a company producing an ecologically pure honey collected in environmentally clean regions of Ukraine by the best beekeepers as well as honey with a variety of healthy additives for people such as nuts, dried fruits, etc.

EKO-MedOK company provides high quality products produced from honey, a thorough control of production process fro
m the date of producing to delivery to customer. Our company uses high quality specialized equipment to monitor the quality of honey, bottling and packaging of brands such as: LYSON (Poland), Silanos (Italy), Apitherm (Ukraine) and Swienty (Denmark).

Honey of EKO-MedOK company is produced in an ecologically clean region of Chernihiv region. This region is perfect for the
production of pure and natural honey due to clean and unpolluted environment.

The new EKO-MedOK trend is production of apitherapy houses based on unique and individual architectural solutions.

Our mission

The policy of EKO-MedOK company provides a day-to-day provision of high-quality environmentally friendly products to our clients that correspond to the actual mutually agreed requirements and environmental standards.

Each employee EKO-MedOK bears personal responsibility for the quality of its work and the final product.
The quality of EKO-MedOK products is crucial to the success of our business and meet the needs of our customers.